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An intermediate-risk client firm may be targeted by either a high-quality or low-quality auditor, depending on the cost of the audit. These same clients may or may not want consulting services. The key factor influencing how auditors and consultants will price and invest in their services is the degree to which client firms’ demand for these two services — audit and consulting — correlate. Researchers’ Model Examines Regulatory Setups The baseline model assumes that the correlation between audit and consulting demand is positive: a client who needs auditing services also wants consulting. The authors then make predictions for three scenarios: —Auditors face no restrictions on offering consulting, and the markets for both kinds of services do not interact in a way that benefits or disadvantages either type of provider. The authors use this scenario to highlight some basic internal dynamics of the audit market: A high-quality auditor can either charge a higher price and only serve the high-risk client or target the high- and medium-risk client at a lower price. The medium-risk client will choose based on whether its expected gain from using a high-quality auditor exceeds the higher cost. The auditing firms thus face a trade-off between serving more audit clients at a lower price or charging more to a single client for a high-quality audit. The strategy they choose affects the average audit quality in the market. If the high-quality auditor’s costs per client are low enough, it can offer its services to both the high- and medium-risk firm, thereby maximizing social welfare. —Audit firms are banned from offering consulting to their audit clients. This limits competition in the consulting market for those clients, allowing any consulting competitor to charge higher prices. The high-quality auditor can then maximize its revenues by offering its high-quality services only to the high-risk client, while selling consulting — now priced higher thanks to reduced competition — to the two firms it doesn’t audit. The medium-risk company switches to the low-quality auditor, which could be either good for social welfare (the firm is not overpaying for costly auditing services it doesn’t need) or bad (the firm is not getting the high-quality audit it needs given its level of business risk). —Auditors cannot provide consulting to any client. Once again, the two markets don’t interact at all. The consulting competitor now has to price its services at a level that can attract all three client firms, and the two auditors face similar incentives as in the first scenario. The effect on social welfare will once again depend on how the high-risk auditor prices its audit services and on the medium-risk company’s actual business risk. The Consulting Ban Isn’t the Only Obstacle The model offers regulators a nuanced way to think about how bans on consulting for audit clients can affect auditor behavior by considering features of these markets such as pure-play consulting competitors, price and quality differentials, and how these interact with the varying business risk of client firms across time. Two decades of a partial ban have come amid other problems with the audit market.