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I also recently interviewed Kyle Myers, senior director of environmental health, safety, and sustainability at CyrusOne, a colocation facility company. In our conversation about data centers and the environment, he said this about how the bill will help data center companies. Quote, “A big piece of that is also the costs and availability and location of the power since usually renewable sources, if they’re going to be solar or wind, are not going to be near the city centers, where a lot of times the data centers are located. It’s a challenge sometimes to get the power there,” end quote. So, if the U.S. expands the renewable energy infrastructure and makes it more accessible for data center locations, then it will become much easier for those data centers to run on renewable energy. Myers also mentioned that when a data center company goes about reducing power consumption, the first response is to increase water consumption for cooling, which is a major portion of data center energy consumption. However, this exacerbates the issue of wasting water. As data centers achieve 100% renewable energy sourcing, the issue of consuming more energy for non-water-based cooling methods lessens. And using alternatives to water-based cooling is only going to become more crucial as water becomes more and more scarce. Just look at the recent declaration of a water shortage in the Colorado River Basin . For the first time ever, there is not enough water to meet the water and energy demands of some western states and Mexico. Data center companies need to consider what could happen to their business when a local government cuts off the water supply to a data center to prioritize providing water to its citizens. At that point, proactively reducing water consumption is necessary to ensure the business can operate in the future. Reducing the amount of power used in a data center is still something to consider, however. An easy area to reduce energy consumption is in parts of a data center that aren’t directly related to operating servers, such as using LED lighting rather than older forms of lighting. Now, you may call me a cynic for this, but I am not one to readily expect a large portion of an industry to accept the realities of climate change and actually do something about it. But according to what most of the people I have spoken with on the subject have to say, that seems to be the case in the data center industry. When I asked Kyle Myers about resistance toward making data centers green, he said that three years ago he would have answered differently because many organizations were concerned about whether people were willing to pay a premium for green energy.


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