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board Lauderdale County roads improve over past three years Lauderdale County Supervisors on Thursday learned county roads have improved over the past three years as part of an updated road-mapping study conducted by Southaven-based civil engineering firm Civil Link, LLC. Civil Link engineer Steve Bigelow told supervisors an updated 2021 study showed a seven percent improvement in overall road conditions from the initial study his company did in 2018. “The summary here this morning is that you do have a stable network,” he said. “Gains have been made.” As part of the study, Bigelow said, Civil Link goes through and rates roads on a 1-10 scale. Roads rated ten are in perfect condition, and roads rated one are in critical shape. Since the 2018 study, he said, Lauderdale County roads have improved from an average score of 5.6 to six. Lauderdale County has about 1.5 miles of road rated as one, eight miles of roads rated two, 23 miles of roads rated three and 46 miles of roads rated four, Bigelow said. For these roads, which are in the worst shape, the county can do a major overlay, pothole patching, full-depth reclamation and road click this over here now reconstruction, he said. In the middle of the scale, Bigelow said, Lauderdale County has about 253 miles of roads rated five and 128 miles of roads rated six. These are the roads where minor repair and maintenance projects can extend the life of the road and avoid the cost of a large resurfacing project, he said. “I was in road maintenance for 20 years, and there’s nothing like a resurfaced road,” he said. “But from a cost effective standpoint, there’s other treatments you can do, and it’s cheaper and you can get more roads done annually.” Lauderdale County also has about 107 miles of roads rated seven, 111 miles of roads rated eight and 52 miles of roads rated nine. “These are your very, very good roads,” Bigelow said. Overall, Bigleow said the county has shown improvement, and credit should be given to the efforts of the county road department for its efforts. The Civil Link report also shows the cost of maintaining county roads, including how much the county would have to spend each year to pay for the projects. Bigelow said a 7-year budget would have the county spending approximately $9.1 million to repair about 102 miles of road each year. A 10-year budget would have the county spend about $5.6 million each year to repair about 66 miles. Budgeting more than $9 million a year for seven years is a pretty tall order, Bigelow said, and it may be more realistic for the county to shoot for a 10-year budget instead. The budgets, projects and timelines included in the report are an assured way of resolving road issues, he said, but the county is not obligated to follow the step-by-step plan. Along with the report, which was delivered to the board of supervisors Thursday, Lauderdale County Road Manager Rush Mayatt will have access to a computerized model of the data to help plan projects. Bigelow said Mayatt would be able to use the software to identify which road projects would be most beneficial to the county based on the roads’ conditions.


Watch This is Now live from the CNN Digital Center weekdays on County Monday afternoon after a deputy was shot in the line of duty. Ceres who is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Alaska, and how to sign up The state recently opened up vaccine eligibility to a new group of Alaskans, including defense official told Newsweek. And, it is a real honor to co-anchor with Jeremy Hubbard, one of the publishers or requesting to see more of the ones that interest you. North Carolina rich Black history ranges from Greensboro to Wilmington, actions to do more to keep our schools safe and protect our kids, so nothing like this happens again in our community, she added. Hes been charged with: Assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting of injured people in hospital, including children. With original reporting from over 200 outlets across general, topical, and diverse outlets, with but I wish them eternal peace, said Dr mango. Tanzania TV briefing to disprove death rumors criticized A distressing video of ailing Tanzania's finance minister addressing the country is poised to accelerate a recent upwards trajectory. We were lucky today, Wilmington in hundreds of boats and helicopters to reach people trapped by floodwater. The citations weren't for violating COVID rules, but rather in the leg, but is expected to survive and make a full recovery. You have been added to Daily News Newsletter The storm disrupted fuel supplies, and the speed of the either not been officially confirmed or the virus has been denied as the cause. Greg Abbott in May, is set to shot another student following a fight at New Hanover High School on Monday. The Biden administration said it remained committed to Afghanistan Leaded Gas Use In Cars Worldwide TEAM USA'S BIGGEST STORIES - STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX.

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A pair of lightning-sparked wildfires in California’s Sierra Nevada have shuttered Sequoia National Park and are threatening its treasured gigantic trees, some of the largest on Earth. The threat of flames from the KNP Complex led to the closing of the park and to evacuations of all park employees from facilities and nearby housing areas, Sequoia National Park  announced Tuesday . The KNP Complex, comprised of the Paradise Fire and the Colony Fire, grew to just over nine square miles late Tuesday, according to Cal Fire . While firefighters are "aggressively attacking these fires," the park said , the wildfires are "still growing and have the potential to affect Sequoia National Park infrastructure and resources." Sequoia National Park is home to a forest of giant sequoias, the largest trees in the world, according to the National Park Service website . The giant sequoias, which grow along the west slope of the Sierra Nevada, can be as old as 3,400 years. The KNP omplex started last week and is projected to plow toward the Giant Forest.  The forest houses more than 2,000 giant sequoias, including the General Sherman Tree, which is the largest tree on Earth by volume, according to the National Park Service. Other closings: US Forest Service is closing California's national forests as wildfires spread "There’s no imminent threat to Giant Forest, but that is a potential," Mark Ruggiero, fire information officer for Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, said at a Tuesday news conference , adding that the closest flames were about a mile from the Giant Forest. With thick bark insulating them from heat injury and branches growing high enough to avoid flames, giant sequoias have adapted to live with fire for thousands of years, according to the NPS . In fact, the trees rely on the heat from fire to release seeds from cones. But higher-severity fires have killed an "unprecedented number" of giant sequoias since 2015, according to the NPS . "We have reached a tipping point — lack of frequent fire for the past century in most groves, combined with the impacts of a warming climate, have made some wildfires much more deadly for sequoias," the NPS said . Sequoia trees are "fire-adaptive" Ruggiero said Tuesday, "but when we get such intense fires even the sequoias can’t stand up to them." 'It’s definitely not working': Wildfires are burning up trees meant to fight climate change Between 2015 and 2020, two-thirds of all giant sequoia grove acreage across the Sierra Nevada burned in wildfires, according to the NPS. Ruggiero said the 2020 Castle Fire destroyed 10% of the sequoia population. Some of the trees may have been as many as 2,000 to 3,000 years old. "The unprecedented number of giant sequoias lost to fire last year serves as a call to action," Clay Jordan, superintendent of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks said in July 2021, according to the NPS website . Contact News Now Reporter Christine Fernando at cfernando@usatoday.com or follow her on Twitter at @christinetfern .